About us

An office with innovative solutions.

An innovative firm set up on the belief of its founders that outstanding legal consultancy should start with a thorough understanding of the market and business of each one of its clients, which guarantees that our legal advice will be focused on achieving their commercial end goals, whilst meeting regulatory standards.

Elsa Guadalupe Hernández Castillo
CEO & Founder

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Our Team

Our members all have solid legal training and a broad range of experience in different industries and sectors, thus ensuring that if you hire us, you will have at your side a true business consultant who understands your needs and aims, and speaks the same language as you.
Hernández Castillo Asesores Empresariales S.C. employs an inter-disciplinary team of professionals in the fields of law, energy, tax & accountancy and public health, which allows us to offer you the legal consultancy with a comprehensive perspective which sets us apart.

Our Value Proposition

We are known for providing innovative solutions to high ethical standards. The background and experience of our members allows us to offer excellent and competitively-priced legal consultancy with a comprehensive perspective, providing appropriate and personal attention in all your consultations. We accompany our clients step by step in each of their operations with friendly and clear language, without compromising excellent legal outcomes.
Strategic Partnerships
Our strategic partnerships with firms and professionals that share our way of thinking, level of service and passion for business law, allow us to offer you comprehensive consultancy services and those that may be provided by public certifiers (corredores públicos) in matters such as: civil, commercial and administrative litigation; commercial arbitration; tax law; labor law; industrial property; environmental law; telecommunications law, among others.

Our methodology

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We analyze

Your business model, particular needs and business objectives.

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We search

The best legal solution for your problem and business model, applying our legal, technical and business knowledge within a multidisciplinary team.

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We protect

We apply excellent and innovative legal and business solutions with the best cost-benefit ratio.



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We invite you to get in touch with us, we will be happy to serve you and offer you a new experience in legal services that will be focused on the success of your business model.